Nicco Valenzuela 

Landscape and Architectural  Photographer

Nicco is a photographer, writer, and content creator based in Quezon City, Philippines. He started his journey as a photographer in 2007 exposing himself to various fields of the craft. Not long after, he found his love for the uncertainties and wonders of nature and this lead him to Landscape Photography. As a landscape photographer based in a megalopolis, he particularly specialized in photographing cityscapes. This deeply rooted passion later on lead to a career in architectural photography as he started shooting for architectural firms and development corporations both locally and internationally. 

Throughout his journey he always made a point to share and tell stories about his adventures as a photographer, as well as the technical lessons he learns along the way. This lead to a habit of writing and story telling about photography, adventure, and the technology in and around the craft. 

Nicco Valenzuela is a senior writer for the world's leading photography publication, where he shares and  writes about inspiration, technique, and technology in and around photography. Nicco is also a content writer for some of the world's most reputable photography gear and accessory brands such as Manfrotto, Lowepro, Gitzo, Joby, and MIOPS. 

Nicco is currently a global brand ambassador for MIOPS smart camera triggers. brand ambassador and product expert for Sony Philippines for digital imaging, brand ambassador for ASUS Philippines for creator-consumer laptops, and brand ambassador for H&Y filters Philippines.

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